Olimpiada Rio 2016

Latest News

  1. 13/08/2016 Rio-2016 Committee Loses Appeal - Protests Allowed to Continue During Olympics
  2. 13/08/2016 Hook Up Apps Popular Among Athletes at Olympic Village
  3. 13/08/2016 Security Officer Dies After Being Shot by Drug Dealers in Slum
  4. 12/08/2016 Two More People Arrested in Operation Against Terrorism in Olympic Games
  5. 12/08/2016 Opinion: Culture Shock for Americans Abroad Is Most Exciting Development at Rio-2016
  6. 12/08/2016 Concerned About Being Booed Again, Temer Is Against Participating in the Olympic Closing Ceremony
  7. 12/08/2016 Backpack Is Detonated by Bomb Squad at Olympic Park
  8. 11/08/2016 Some 40 Thousand Tickets Are Not Used on the First Day of the Olympic Games
  9. 11/08/2016 Police Officers Working at the Olympics Are Shot by Drug Dealers
  10. 11/08/2016 Bottle Caps and Can Tabs are Prohibited at Rio-2016
  11. 11/08/2016 Ministry Finds 3,500 Illegal Workers in Olympic Village
  12. 10/08/2016 Rio-2016 Will Appeal Decision Permitting Protests in Arenas
  13. 10/08/2016 Muslim Athletes Follow Tradition and Use Veil While Competing in Olympics
  14. 10/08/2016 Brazilian Women's Artistic Gymnastics Team Repeats Beijing-2008's Eighth Position
  15. 10/08/2016 School in Rio Attended by Brazilian Judo Champion Has Other Olympic Hopefuls
  16. 10/08/2016 Girl Power at Rio 2016 Fires Up Feminism in Brazil
  17. 09/08/2016 Opinion: No More Stiff Upper Lips: The New Olympic Spectators Wear Their Hearts on Their Sleeve
  18. 09/08/2016 First Brazilian Gold Medallist is Rio's Very Own Rafaela Silva
  19. 09/08/2016 At Rio's Request, Temer Increases Military Presence at Olympics
  20. 09/08/2016 During Olympic Season, Rio Sees Average of Three False Bomb Threats a Day
  21. 08/08/2016 Luxury Renting for the Uber-Rich Olympic Visitors
  22. 08/08/2016 Strong Winds in Rio Wreak Havoc for Athletes
  23. 08/08/2016 Committee Announces Reinforcements to Avoid Food Shortage at Rio-2016
  24. 08/08/2016 Tourists and Locals Take Advantage of Beach and Boulevard, but Complain About Prices
  25. 08/08/2016 Rio 2016 Committee Supports Repression of Political Demonstrations: "We Want Clean Arenas"
  26. 07/08/2016 Rio's Integrated Transportation Works Well on First Day of Functioning
  27. 07/08/2016 Security Coordinator for Opening Suffers from Robbery Attempt after Ceremony
  28. 07/08/2016 Rio-2016 Food Shops Run Out of Food on 1st Day of Olympics
  29. 07/08/2016 Olympic Saturday Brings Tears of Pain, Redemption and Despair
  30. 06/08/2016 Analysis: With Little Money, Opening Ceremony Relies on Projection Screen