Olimpiada Rio 2016

Latest News

  1. 20/08/2016 Paralympics Funds "Not Tied to Elections," Says Mayor of Rio
  2. 20/08/2016 IOC Opens Investigation Around Case of American Swimmers Caught in Lie
  3. 19/08/2016 Lochte Apologizes on Social Networks, But Insists That Gun Was Pointed at Him
  4. 19/08/2016 Rio-2016 Committee Says That Case of Swimmers Is a Public Embarrassment
  5. 19/08/2016 Swimmer Testifies That There Was No Armed Robbery of Ryan Lochte
  6. 19/08/2016 Rio 2016 Organization Says R$ 200 Million Is Necessary to Avoid Deficit
  7. 19/08/2016 Brazil Competes Against Five Other Countries for Tenth Place in the Olympics
  8. 19/08/2016 Meet Brazilian Isaquias Queiroz, the Canoeist Who Is Set to Make History
  9. 18/08/2016 American Newspaper Criticizes Brazil Police After Athletes Removed from Flight
  10. 18/08/2016 US Olympic Swimmers' Passports Are Confiscated As Doubts Are Raised About Their Claimed Attack
  11. 18/08/2016 Police Detain Director of Irish Olympic Committee for Illegal Ticket Sales
  12. 18/08/2016 An Olympic Sensation, Overweight Athletes Aren't Immune to Health Problems
  13. 18/08/2016 Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games Will Honor Brazil's Traditional Festivals and Carnival
  14. 17/08/2016 Despite Rio's Attractions, Few Celebrities Are Seen at Arenas
  15. 17/08/2016 Parties in Rio Are Good for Those Looking to Hook-Up During the Games
  16. 17/08/2016 Brazilian Isaquias Queiroz Takes Canoeing to the Olympic Elite
  17. 17/08/2016 After Failing Twice, Brazilian Boxer Robson Conceição Finally Wins Gold
  18. 16/08/2016 Concerned About Being Booed, Temer Decides Against Participating in the Olympic Closing Ceremony
  19. 16/08/2016 Silver by Zanetti Consolidates Historic Brazilian Gymnastic Performance
  20. 16/08/2016 For Brazil, the Aquatic Marathon Goes Swimmingly and Their Hopeful Takes Bronze
  21. 16/08/2016 German Medalist and Coach Dies in Rio After Taxi Accident
  22. 16/08/2016 Seven Injured as Overhead Camera Falls in Olympic Park
  23. 15/08/2016 Minister Denies Security Problems and Says That Swimmer Was Robbed Outside of the Games
  24. 15/08/2016 American Swimmer Ryan Lochte Robbed at Gunpoint After Party in Rio
  25. 15/08/2016 Gymnast Overcomes Falls, Depression and Weight Loss on His Way to Olympic Silver Medal
  26. 14/08/2016 Rio 2016 Committee Will Switch Out Water to Make Pool Blue Again
  27. 14/08/2016 American Website Exposes Gay Athletes at Olympics and Receives Social Media Backlash
  28. 14/08/2016 Spectators Make a Joke Out of Protest Ban at Olympics
  29. 14/08/2016 Highway Patrolman Assigned to Olympics Is Shot in Rio
  30. 13/08/2016 Rio-2016 Uses Chinese Flags with Mistakes and Gets Formal Complaint from China