Taylor Swift: Family of Fan Dead at Concert Says Singer's Team Didn't Offer Any Help

American press says that the singer's team, at her command, provided support for the family: 'It's fake', said the victim's cousin; brazilian fans disappointed at Swift

Aracaju , Campinas, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

The family of student Ana Clara Benevides, who died last Friday (17) at the first Taylor Swift concert in Brazil, denied information given by the American press that the interpreter's team, at her command, had contacted the family.

"As far as I know, no. That's fake," said Gabriela Benevides in a conversation with Folha. Gabriela is the cousin of the university student and was in Rio de Janeiro over the weekend to help Ana Clara's father with the release of the body.

According to information from American media outlets such as Us Weekly and Page Six, Taylor would have instructed her team to contact Ana Benevides' family, which would have happened on Tuesday, according to the outlets.

Ana Clara Benevides Machado, 23, was studying psychology at the Federal University of Rondonópolis (UFR), in Mato Grosso - Reprodução/Instagram

Swift would be "deeply devastated" since the loss of Ana and would be having difficulties addressing the matter. Her current boyfriend, American football player Travis Kelce, would be supporting her.

Ana Benevides was buried on Tuesday (21) at the Municipal Cemetery Parques dos Ipês, in Pedro Gomes, Mato Grosso do Sul. The ceremony started at 9am and was restricted to family and friends only.

With the lack of support from the singer's team, and from T4F, the producer of Taylor Swift's concerts in Brazil, Taylor Swift fan groups raised money to transport Ana Clara's body from Rio de Janeiro to Mato Grosso do Sul. The family had mentioned financial difficulties in transporting the body.

Parents devastated by death

23-year-old Ana Clara Benevides was an only child and had received the ticket for the American singer Taylor Swift's show from her father, 53-year-old Weiny Machado, who spoke to Folha on the phone in the early hours of Saturday (18). It was his daughter’s first plane trip and also her first time in the capital of Rio.

"I lost my only daughter, a happy and intelligent girl. She was about to graduate in psychology next April, saving money. I have no words to express my pain. She left home to fulfill a dream and came back dead," said the father in tears.

"When she tried to buy the ticket and couldn't, I said, 'My daughter, leave it in God's hands and ask Him. If it's for your own good, He will grant it.' That's what she did, she asked God and it worked. He wanted to take her on a happy day," said Adriana Benevides, the young woman's mother. "God took her, but at the happiest moment of her life."

Brazilian fans revolt against singer’s silence outside social media

"Emotional performance," "holding back tears," and other hyperboles have been used by international media outlets to talk about singer Taylor Swift's performance of "Bigger Than the Whole Sky, at Sunday's show (19). However, Brazilian fans disagree —and strongly.

According to newspapers, the song’s performance would have been a tribute to the young Ana Clara Benevides, who died during the Friday (17) after feeling unwell due to the heat at Engenhão, in Rio de Janeiro, while the singer performed "Cruel Summer" on stage.

In posts on X, formerly known as Twitter, fans argue that there is no confirmation that the song was a tribute to Ana Clara, as there was no mention of her name either by the singer herself or on the event's screen.

"No pictures of the deceased were shown. A tribute that is not explicit means absolutely nothing," wrote a fan on her profile. "It wasn't Taylor’s obligation, that's true. But it would be a sign of humanity —in fact, it would highlight that Taylor is on the right side of things."

Taylor Swift's concert at Nilton Santos Stadium - Agência O Globo

Once festive and full of young people going crazy to see Taylor Swift up close, the entrance of the Fasano Hotel in Ipanema was deserted on Monday afternoon (20), in Rio.

If on the day she arrived in the city, last Thursday (17), the swifties sang her songs and fraternized in an almost hysterical atmosphere while waiting for a glimpse of the diva at the window or some kind of interaction, no matter how small —maybe a little wave from inside the car? — on Monday (20), the scene was very different. There was not a single human being waiting for her in front of the hotel.

The shares of Time For Fun (T4F), the event organizer responsible for Taylor Swift's show in Brazil, also ended Monday's negotiations with a 9.6% drop, at R$ 2.06.

Due to a metal structure placed on the ground of Nilton Santos stadium, the venue for the shows, and the intense heat of almost 40 degrees Celsius in Rio de Janeiro, several people also report having suffered second-degree burns on their skin and claim they will sue T4F.

Taylor Swift is already in São Paulo. After a series of shows in Rio de Janeiro that resulted in two deaths and a postponement, the singer landed in the city for three performances at the Allianz Parque stadium on November 24, 25, and 26.

Folha contacted the singer's team, but did not receive a response. The space remains open.